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March 10, 2021

9 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business


Social Media Marketing Agency In QatarAt so many levels, social media nowadays is taking a significant role within our lives. Eventually, it is being used as a strategy of marketing, especially that over 50% of the world’s population are social media users. In this article, we will highlight 9 reasons why social media marketing is important for your business, but first what is Social Media Marketing?

 Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing or SMM is a type of Digital Marketing that includes promoting for a product or a service through using social media platforms. It is about sharing content and creating a way that makes the audience interact with your business outcomes. Since most social media platforms nowadays consist of data analytics tools, they gave companies and startups the chance to track their level of progress and engagement within ad campaigns. Social media marketing involves all kinds of postings and updates including, text, images, videos…etc.

Moreover, these are 9 reasons why social media marketing is important for business;

1.      Improved Brand Awareness

Brand awareness highlights the meanings behind your product. It focuses on sending awareness and recognition towards your product’s name. Specifically, brand awareness raises the following question: What makes your product/service different from other products/services? From this point, a brand awareness aims for familiarizing people towards a certain brand name, and social media is one of the main tools for building this familiarity and recognition.

For instance, despite the fact that Qatar is full of fast food and café businesses, Tea Time is considered as one of the most distinguished fast food/ café brands in the country. That is because they rely on brand awareness, by using marketing strategies that are mostly based on social media. Tea Time raised brand awareness among Qatari consumers.

 2.      Cost-effective

Creating a profile for your business is definitely for free on social media, and most of the costs going to be paid on your campaign can be considered very low compared to other marketing methods and tactics. Due to social media marketing’s cost-efficiency, business owners can benefit from a lot of characteristics to promote their products at a low cost. They can spend a small amount of money in a short period of time with a very significant growth notice.

3.      Engage with Your Customers

Social media marketing gives you the chance to get closer to your clients. Where you can benefit from their feedback and concerns. It increases the level of interaction to improve your product’s/ service’s performance. Engaging with your customers levels-up the sustainability of your brand.

4.      Improved Brand Loyalty

Social media marketing gives you the chance to listen to your customers, promote their reviews, and think like them. This will help you to improve the perception of your brand, so you can carry on in the business. A customer is no longer passive, his/her perception can increase the level of loyalty to your brand.   

5.      Healthier Customer Satisfaction

Knowing your customer’s concerns and reviews will eventually lead to product improvement. And thus, it will increase your client’s satisfaction in the best way possible. Attempting to solve their problems and answer their questions improves your relationship with them. Furthermore, through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to observe your client’s comments, discussions, and opinions about your product/service without putting them under any pressure, hence, social media marketing doesn’t just help you in raising the satisfaction of your customer, but keen on its prosperity.

6.      Marketplace Awareness

One of the significant advantages of social media is the ability to build a marketplace awareness. Social media provides you the ability to communicate with your clients to improve your business. Marketplace awareness relies on observing and tracking the activities happening within your social media business profile, where you can evaluate their opinions and interests. Such marketplace awareness will help you understand your client’s requirements and problems, so you can have the chance to provide them solutions.

7.      More Brand Authority

Brand authority provides you the ability to increase the pace of your business development. On social media, you can obtain more brand authority through creating strong and convincing content, as well as, increasing the level of engagement with your audience. In addition to obtaining trust and loyalty to your brand, clients will start engaging every time their eyes lay on your content. Furthermore, this marketing strategy will open more opportunities for business partnerships and influencers collaborations, and thus, you will be able to reach more people to expand your business.

8.      Increased Traffic5 Ways to Increase Your Organic Website Traffic, Advertising agency in Qatar

As per-mentioned above, the strength and credibility of your content is very important to build your brand authority. Moreover, having a high brand authority on content meant a better source. Customers will start sharing and relying on your content as a source of trusted information, product, or service. However, in order to increase traffic on your website; it is important to create a way that drives your clients to your website. Website traffic can be increased through involving your website links on your social media content. These links are meant for providing your customers more information about your content. And thus, you will attract new visitors to your site.

9.     Enhanced SEO Rankings

Increasing your search visibility in a search engine can be difficult. However, sharing cross-platform content can increase your chance. Enhancing web traffic through your social media content shows search engines such as Google that you are expert in the subject matter, hence, it automatically levels your site up to a higher search rank. In other words, when clients start visiting your website from social media platforms, search engines gather signals about the usefulness of your products/ services, and start boosting your local search engine optimization ranking.