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February 10, 2021

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Strong Brand Identity


Defining Brand Identity 

Brand Identity Design - With OBM, Advertising agency in QatarIdentity in general is one of the main elements to determine who you are. Identity can be considered as a group of features in someone that distinguish him/her from the rest of the world. Just like human beings, brands are also in need of an identity to be recognized. The market is full of company’s products and services; hence, business owners have to create their own visible fingerprint. The goal of brand identity is to reach the mind of its customers in the most idealistic manner. It is about relating an abstract ideology to give a creative, smart, and innovative perception about your products/services. Furthermore, brand identity boosts your client’s loyalty and sustainability. In this article, we will introduce to you a step-by-step guide to create a strong brand identity.

Though, before creating your brand identity, a common ground should be established by asking yourself these three questions;

  1.     Why are you doing what you are doing? It is important to focus on the goal of your project in order to assist you in finding a strong starter for significant brand identity.
  2.     What are your standards and beliefs? Your brand should respect and regard certain values. Your values in one way or another reflect the motives behind your product.
  3.     How can you create your own voice? Character and personality are central in helping you to find your own way to be recognized.

Now, after answering these questions, this is our detailed step-by-step guide to build a strong brand identity;

 First Step: Identify your Audience.

Defining your audience will give you an idea about the way you can approach your clients. It is very important to identify the target of your product whether women or men, young people, children, or elders…etc. This will help you to establish a closer image towards what your brand identity should look like.    

Second Step: Create a Personality.

Remember branding is just like human beings, it has a personality that you should create. Look for something you can personally relate to, it can be something related to culture or collective memory. Your brand identity should go hand in hand with your business’s mission. Moreover, you should build something your audience can associate themselves with. A strong brand identity should obtain unique characteristics that everyone can notice.

Third Step: Check other Competitors.

Whether you liked it or not, all you competing companies are thinking the same way you do. However, checking successful companies that are working in the same field of business for a longer period can help you to know what they can’t do but you can do. It also helps you to avoid repetitive ideas.

Fourth Step: Ask the Help of your Team Workers (Brainstorming).

Teamwork is always fruitful, and so is brainstorming. Brainstorming can introduce different perspectives and ideas about the way your brand identity should look like. Even if you are very creative and know exactly what you will do, including your team will allow you to fill the gaps and discuss ideas you never thought of before. These ideas can help you develop your brand identity.

Fifth Step: Choose Everything for a Reason.

–          Design: Design is one of the main elements of creating a strong brand identity. Having a good brand design for your company can be considered the decisive element for the success of your business.  

–          Logo: Logo choice is very significant when creating your brand identity. You should work on motivating your audience’s curiosity. Your logo has to take the attention of your customers and make them wonder the reason behind selecting this exact logo and not something else.   

–          Colors: In the field of design, colors have their own indications. You should be wise choosing your logo’s colors according to the personality of your brand. For instance; yellow identifies happiness, blue on the other hand is known for indicating stability and trust. And thus, choosing a specific color can’t be random.    

–          Shape/Form: Just like colors, a shape/form has its own meaning and identification. If you choose a circle or an oval shape, it could be an eluding to warm feelings, unity, and love. While straight edged form presents strength and stability.

–          Website Design: As we all know; website designs are taking the lead in marketing and branding. Your website design should also reflect the personality of your brand. Furthermore, it is the representative face of your brand identity. Through your website, customers can make the decision of whether to stay or leave.  

–          Business Cards: In order to reinforce a positive impression to your future clients, it is highly recommended to design a smart and creative business card that can extend your conversation with possible customers. Your business card should be on point, including all your main information in a simple and short way.

Sixth Step: Create a Slogan.

“Just Do it”, “Life’s Good”; I bet that the first two companies that came across your mind after reading these two slogans are Nike and LG. A good slogan can guarantee the sustainability of your business, it is also one of the main features for creating a strong brand identity. Keep it simple, dynamic, and on point. Your Slogan should be short and rhythmic for an easier memorization by your audience.

Last but not least, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!! The steps mentioned above are made to help you find your way indicating the right brand identity. But we believe that every business owner has his/her own unique and practical ideas which can be used creatively to build a strong brand identity.