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Email Marketing

Kickstart your Email Marketing campaign the right way

The best emails are the ones that convert readers into action-takers, who embark on a journey with your brand. You may have a product that can change the world, or a service that makes life easier. How do you get your brand to people who will take you seriously?

Email marketing services are a great way to reach targets with a powerful message that converts. We don’t just narrow down a list of prospects you can chase, we create a funnel that is steered with effective email marketing copy. This means that every message you send out to a potential customer has a better chance of turning them from an inquisitive reader to somebody who wants to avail your goods or services.

By designing and deploying a full fledged email marketing strategy, we can help you reach out to people using bulk email services, cold emails, personalized emails, lead generation emails, and much more. The pivotal focus of our email marketing services is to entice users with an offer they cannot refuse. And if you’re worried how to do that? We help you with a wealth of experience as the best email marketing services in Doha Qatar.

At OBM, we crack an email marketing strategy that returns a high ROI and you can bank on that. Contact us for more.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is about sending promotional email to your customers, prospects or subscribers. It is the most effective means of communication with your customers and prospective buyers and can provide a very high ROI.

What type of emails are the most frequent?

There are three categories of email marketing:
1) Campaigns – these are the most common type of email marketing and often relate to a promotion or product launch.
2) Newsletters – these provide general information and updates regarding your business and general updates regarding the industry that you operate in. They can be extremely useful for customer retention.
3) Autoresponders – these are automated emails that are sent out at a certain time. For example, you could send out a welcome email to someone who signed up to a newsletter. It is a very effective means of communication with customers and has a huge potential to increase sales.

Why should your brand use OBM’s email marketing services?

First up, we offer the best email marketing services in Doha, Qatar. With our expertise, we design and deploy a marketing funnel that churns out qualified leads, by setting a long term plan for sustainable marketing. There are many things you can do with it to boost sales, generate leads or improve customer experience. You can send one-time promotional emails, re-engage inactive customers, send newsletters, remind customers to buy, follow-up on previous sales, make follow-ups after sales, etc.

How often should you send emails to prospects?

As a rule of thumb, send emails less than four times a week. Remember, you want your emails to be as helpful as possible. If you send too many emails to your prospects, you risk annoying them and losing their trust as well as their trust in your company. Make sure to space your emails out at least a few days apart. This will help give your prospects time to digest the information you’re sending and help them integrate it into their lives.

What are some best practices of email marketing?

If you are building your list, you should send emails to your prospects on an automated basis. There are several companies that allow you to do this, some of them being Aweber, MailChimp, Sendinblue, etc., of the top 10 internet marketers employ. Although you should send emails to prospects on an automated basis, there is no set amount of time that you should wait between emails. Now if you promote a hot product, sending emails can become a full time job. Just make sure that you are not annoying your prospect with too many emails. You should test different times of days and days of the week to see what works best for you and your business.