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Social Media Management

Your social media needs a refresh

Social Media Management is the process of handling social accounts to gain online visibility and create engagement with your audiences. Whether Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Quora, Instagram or any social media platform, you can rely on the best Social Media Management services offered by OBM.

With designated account managers and regular engagement activities, we can foster your growing community with relevant content that excites and entices. The key to effective Social Media Management is consistency and quality.

We offer the best Social Media Management Services in Doha, Qatar for enterprises of all sizes to make the most of viral social media trends. By assuring that your professional approach is maintained, we help you scale up with experiences that users will never forget.

How we work?

Post quality content regularly on all your social platforms
Respond to comments and engage with your community
Design social media campaigns for branding
Foster great experiences for your social media following
Create and grow your social proof online
Ensure your brand keeps up with trends and gather real-time feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your business need Social Media Management Services?

Social media management is a new service that is essential for business success. Social media is a communication tool that is extremely powerful for marketing and communication purposes. If a business wants to grow, it needs to utilize the power of social media. Social Media management involves many different strategies. It involves creating a presence on social media channels, engaging with users, generating leads and developing brand awareness. It is a cost effective marketing tool.

Can Social Media Management generate more sales?

Absolutely. Social Media Management gives you direct access to your audience, without any interference from traditional media. It gives you the perfect opportunity to create brand awareness, exchange information with your audience, listen to their feedback and concerns, and build trust. All of this can be done on a daily basis, which makes social media marketing a more cost-effective way of getting new customers on board.

Why choose OBM’s Social Media Management services?

Social media management can be a very powerful method of branding. It’s a great way to generate interest in your business and it also allows you to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. Along with this, it is also a very cost effective way of marketing. Social media management is used to help monitor the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign. This is done by looking at the amount of traffic your website is receiving, how many visitors are visiting your social media pages and more. For instance, if you receive more likes on your Facebook page, you can assume that your social media management is working well. This is just one of the ways that you can monitor the success of your social media marketing campaign.

What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management?

Social media has become an inalienable part in the business whether in product management, in support or in marketing. The Social Media Marketing services (SMM) is the process of promoting your brand, your product or your services through social media. The SMM includes actions like posting to social media accounts, responding to comments, likes or shares, running competitions, creating ad campaigns, getting traffic to your website etc. Social Media Management (SMM) is managing your various social media accounts making sure you are responding to the customers in time, maintaining the quality of your publication, growing your community and to have meaningful discussions with your customers.